"...Dominic...has taught me to rediscover and explore my passions and take action to attain what I want in life....I always felt encouraged and excited for the outcome of my new actions....I would recommend this to anyone that feels stagnant, hopeless, or confused in any life situation.  He has an astounding gift of communication and an ability to simplify even the most confusing thoughts.  Dominic provides the knowledge and the tools for supporting life transformation."

Haley L.


"I met Dominic LaFay at a seminar...During his discussion, he really inspired me to think about life and goals in a different way.  From that point on I know that he would be the right coach to help me work through decisions and challenge me to really look deep down inside of myself to find the answers to my questions.  ...he presented many tools and resources to unlock various feelings, thoughts, and fears I had about change and follow-through.  I especially enjoyed the one on one coaching sessions...and the conference calls he organized with current and past clients were extremely valuable to my development and learning process.  He utilized custom designed tools including writing assignments and goal setting exercises to stimulate thought and planning.  For several months I worked with Dominic and felt that my life changed in many positive ways.  I learned to utilize the methods and systems he created in all of my life's challenges, future planning and professional endeavors.  I will always be grateful to Dominic for spending the time with me to build my confidence, help me overcome fear and doubt, and realize who I am and what I want out of life."

Lucija L.


"I met Dom LaFay...He is an excellent listener and a caring professional.  ...I listed my life goals and began working on them.  I had some important projects that I had been putting off for quite a while.  Distractions immediately came along, but by re-focusing on the goals, I was able to complete some important tasks...I am happier with myself, and this has improved my relationships with others."

Mary S.

corporate clients


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